Vehicle Safety and Parking

1 Slow down to the speed limit of 15 mph. Check your speedometer when you drive in the village. You may be going faster than you think! Advise your weekend guests to drive slowly. Keeping our children safe must be your priority. Golf cart owners must have insurance which specifically indicates coverage in case of an accident with the cart. Check your policy and speak with your agent to insure that you have coverage. Proof of such coverage is required for registration at the Office. No golf cart may be operated on Vacation Village property unless it is properly insured and registered at the Office. A learner's permit is not a driver's license. Anyone who possess a learner's permit must have a licensed driver with him/her when operating any motor vehicle, including a golf cart. These are HOA regulations which were developed to keep everyone safe. Please do not allow an unlicensed driver to operate a motorized vehicle unaccompanied by a licensed driver. And remember to strap in young children with seat belts. No oneĀ· is permitted to park a motor vehicle on the grassy areas. This can cause deep ruts and destruction of the turf, especially after it rains. No one is permitted to park a motor vehicle on the road instead of using a designated parking space. This can be very dangerous as emergency vehicles need sufficient space to maneuver when responding to a call. Please park your motor vehicles in designated parking areas and keep off the grass. Help keep Vacation Village the jewel of the Catskills. Parking on any roadway or parking lot access road is prohibited at all times. Homeowners should park in their designated parking spots. Do not park in another homeowner's spot. Guests must park in "G" spots, unmarked spots, the parking lot behind our nightclub or the parking spots adjacent to the upper tennis courts.