Using Contractors

For security purposes, contractors (or their workers) may not sleep overnight in any home that is otherwise unoccupied.  This presents security problems for our community in general and for nearby neighbors sleeping in their own homes.

Approvals and Insurance

The VVHOA architectural committee must first approve all exterior construction. This includes conversion to gas heat. No work may begin without advance approval by the architectural committee.

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The HOA requires all private contractors engaged by a homeowner to sign in at the office on a daily basis and present a valid ID for both themselves and any of their workers. However, the HOA does not rate or attest to the reliability or competence of these private contractors.. We recommend that before hiring any contractor, homeowners should ask for recommendations and should speak to others in the community who have dealt with that particular contractor. All contractors must submit a Certificate of Insurance verifying their Liability coverage for a minimum of $1,000,000 naming VVHOA as co-insured, before work begins. If your contractor employs additional workers, he must have Workman's Compensation insurance.

If your policy does not have enough coverage, you personally will be responsible for any excess damages. And, of course, your premiums may well be affected by the claims you file on your policy. Your home insurance policy may not even cover the lost wages of an injured worker who does not have Workers' Compensation from his employer. And even if they do cover it, here again your premiums may also affected by the claims you file on your policy.