Garbage Disposal

Homeowners (renters, too) are reminded to line their garbage pails with a large plastic bag or to deposit all garbage into individually tied small plastic bags. Garbage that is loosely thrown into the pails will not be collected.

Garbage pick-up from July 1 through Labor Day is Monday & Wednesday mornings beginning at 8:30am, and Fridays beginning at 12:30pm. During other times of the year, please sign in at the office if you want your garbage picked up. Keep your covered garbage cans by your house and not in your walkway or on the public roads.

Please make sure you have sufficient trash cans to serve your household. The public trash cans located throughout the village are not for household garbage. There is no set limit to the number of large garbage cans each home can have. Your cooperation is appreciated. And remember to keep them covered tightly so that when ‘the teddy bears come out to play’ they are not attracted to your home.

One last note – despite claims by manufacturer, flushable wipes are not flushable and can clog your toilet and the V V sewer lines. Rags, diapers, mop pads, personal hygiene products, soiled clothing, etc. should be disposed of in garbage pails and not be flushed down toilets. Please alert your household help as well. Clogged sewer lines require township assistance, and a payment of expensive fines.

Contractor’s Garbage

Any garbage that is the result of a contractor doing construction work in your house must be disposed of properly by your contractor. The HOA will not collect any construction debris left by the contractor, and such garbage removal is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner.

5Corrugated Boxes

With the great popularity of Amazon and other online shopping services, the abundance of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes has become almost unmanageable.

To help the collection and disposal of these boxes by the Village maintenance crew, we require that you break down or collapse all these boxes so they are flat. We will not collect boxes that remain in their original shape. Even if a box is filled with garbage such as styrofoam, the contents of the box must be bagged and the box must be broken down.
Your cooperation is expected and appreciated

Bulk Items

For bulk items, contact the office in advance (either in person, by email, phone, or open a Garbage Request ticket on Buildium), but no later than Wednesday afternoon to be added to the weekly bulk pickup which occurs on Thursdays. You must detail what bulk items are being put out on the curb.

Do not place these outside until Wednesday night before pickup.
If your bulk items are not preregistered with the office they will not be picked up.
Regular trash is broken down cardboard boxes and trash in trash bags.
Bulk items are all other larger items that do not fit into a garbage bag such as mattresses, bookshelves, chairs, tables and generally any other bulky nonstandard trash item.
Large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. may not be curbed in bulk item collections. The HOA is working on getting a scrap metal company to come to VV once or twice a summer to collect larger appliances.
TV’s and other electronics must be disposed of by the homeowner at special recycling plants in the county. These bulk items will not be picked up by the HOA, and they are the homeowner’s individual responsibility.