Emergency Procedures – Hatzalah and Fire

The Board has improved the current signage in Vacation Village to assist emergency responders in locating callers more efficiently. Regardless of signage, the following procedures should be followed.

1. Hatzalah - If a call is placed to Hatzalah at any time, someone should meet the responders, if possible, at the V V entrance or nearest roadway, to ensure they arrive at the scene as quickly as possible.

2. Fire Alarms - If a fire alarm sounds in the building that you are in - evacuate the building immediately. Do not return until you receive an all-clear from fire department personnel.

3. Beit Medrash - Use the closest exit.

4. Night Club Evacuation procedures - Use the nearest one of the following three exits:

     a. fire exit to the right,

     b. the doors on the left to the Beit Medrash and then tum right to the fire exit on the right side of the men's section. Do not turn left towards the main lobby.

     c. the main entrance to the room

See the illustration below. Exit slowly and carefully, without endangering the safety of others.